Robot toys are typically made of plastic and require batteries — but with designer David Weeks’ latest toy, Cubebots, you can indulge your child with a robot pal while maintaining your green sensibility. Cubebots are an Areaware original debuting for the new season at the New York International Gift Fair. David Weeks creates his lovable and pliable Cubebots with sustainably harvested cherry wood in two sizes — medium and small. The robot’s sturdy hardwood frame can hold many poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs allow his body to stand up to rambunctious play. When playtime is over, Cubebots neatly fold up into an unassuming perfect cube. Impressed with David Weeks’ craftsmanship? Be sure to check out our previous features on his Ursa the Bear and Hanno the Gorilla designs.

Cubebots are currently available for pre-order for $35 — but there is no shipping date available at this time.

+ Cubebots $35.00

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