When you have kids, especially picky eaters, you certainly have an ongoing and sometimes insane amount of leftovers hanging around. You could cover those leftovers with plastic wrap or foil, but both are disposable, one-time-use items that don’t really support a green lifestyle. Covering a leftover dish with a plate (something I do) works OK if you have a bowl or plate of something, but it’s hardly realistic for leftover veggies, fruit or an odd shaped sandwich. Now though, Fusionbrands has a reusable solution for you. CoverBlubber® Reusable Food Savers are a unique, reusable food storage alternative to plastic wrap, foil and annoying plastic baggies that not only keeps leftovers fresh, but saves you money. CoverBlubber is made from a unique, BPA-free, FDA-approved, food-safe substance called StickyRubber, which is safe to use in both the refrigerator and freezer. Using CoverBlubber is simple – use both hands to stretch the reusable cover around and over whatever you want to save and the cover will shrink to fit and create an airtight seal around your food or dish. Keep reading to learn more.

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Some facts about CoverBlubber

  • Safe alternative to disposable food storage like plastic wrap.
  • Comes in four color-coded sizes and conforms to fit all shapes of food.
  • Seals airtight onto containers.
  • For use in refrigerator and freezer
  • NOT microwave or dishwasher safe
  • BPA/Phthalates Free
  • Made responsibly in China with fair labor practices.
  • Works best when hands and item to be covered are dry.

Because CoverBlubber comes in smaller sizes, you can also use them for waste-free packed lunches. This reusable wrap is also a great idea for picnics, potlucks, school parties or anywhere else you need to transport food.

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+ CoverBlubber Reusable Food Savers, Set of 4 $19.95

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