GPS tracking device for children, Purple Scout, Malmoe, Sweden, Kids safety

A parent’s worst fear is having their children go missing. A daycare in Sweden is conducting an experiment to alleviate this fear- by placing GPS tracking devices on kids while they are outside of the confines of the nursery walls. The transmitters will report to a synced mobile phone, alarming teachers if a child moves out of a certain distance.

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GPS tracking device for children, Purple Scout, Malmoe, Sweden, Kids safety
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The tracking devices clip easily to reflective vests that the children of the Malmoe daycare wear when outside of the school.  The daycare watches over 36 children, aged one to six years old. Ten of the children will sport the GPS tracking devices for one week.

Karin Werholt, the school’s headmaster, will monitor the usefulness of the system, provided by the company Purple Scout. The devices are a little clunky, so Werholt will keep track of  any interference with the children’s play. The system is not in anyway meant to replace teachers or aids, but to simply enhance their watchful eyes and increase safety. Although it cannot prevent a child from running off, it can provide an alert to chaperones, who are outnumbered by their students.

The Malmoe School did not indicate whether they would purchase the system from Purple Scout, should the week of experimentation go well. Some may argue that the system is similar to those used to track criminals, but it is a small concern in keeping our kids safe.

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