Back in the “olden” days when we were kids, we learned how to drink out of a cup as babies — because the sippy cup market wasn’t as rampant as it is now. Today, our tots sip conveniently from spill-proof spouts and straws, yet they aren’t learning how to master the art of drinking from a cup until they’re much older. Whether you want to go the old school route and introduce your baby to a cup straight away after bottle or breast weaning, or you need to teach your sippy-obsessed tot (or preschooler!) how to swallow from a regular cup with poise, these gorgeous recycled mugs from HanaBlomst are all the incentive they’ll need to hold tight to the little handle and drink up. Available in elephant, duck, panda and rabbit variations, each mug comes with a loose fitting lid to moderate the temperature of the liquid inside. Made in Japan from recycled PET resin, they are free of PVC, phthalates, melamine and lead. Cheers!

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