We often talk about the importance of cloth diapers here at Inhabitots, because using them is one good green way to eliminate the waste that goes along with using disposable diapers. With summer almost here, you may be wondering what baby should wear on his bottom during swim-time fun? There are disposable baby swim pants available, but like disposable diapers, disposable swim pants create waste issues, and can be made with icky chemicals. A better choice over disposables are the super cute and easy to use Swimmi pants from Bummis.

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Benefits of Bummis Swimmi:

  • Swim pants your tot can use over and over again. These will last a long time so when you’re done, you can pass them on to a friend with a younger baby.
  • Made trim and with stretchy soft lycra bindings, so these pants don’t stop your baby from moving around in the water.
  • Made with a coated nylon layer inside to hold messes, so they don’t escape into the pool.
  • A fun array of stylish prints are available in sizes ranging from 9-30 pounds.

Swimmi pants sell for around $15 at various retailers

+ Bummis