In many developing countries, water sources are located far away from homes, making washing clothes a hard and laborious activity — hauling the clothes, washing them at the water source and then lugging them back. ‘Swirl,‘ a new concept for a non-electric washing machine, designed by German-based designaffairs Studio for children and adults in developing nations, hopes to help alleviate some of the burden of clothes washing with this awesome idea for a combo washing machine, water barrel and toy all rolled into one. ‘Swirlturns a burden of a chore into an entertaining activity — by playing and moving the ball around, clothes are easily transported, rotated, and cleaned inside the washing ball.

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To use Swirl, one simply loads the clothes into the barrel, locks the lid, and rolls it to the water source. Once filled up with water, the ball can be rolled or kids can play with it. The rolling and playing rotate the inner wash basket inside, which washes and scrubs the clothes. After the kids are tired and the clothes are clean, the clothes are taken out and dried.

As an added bonus, Swirl doubles as a water transport system, much like the Hippo Rollers designed by Project H Design. And when home and empty, Swirl can act as a laundry basket or other storage. Swirl’s exterior has an embossed pattern surface structure, which not only makes it more fun to play with, but also makes for a more efficient washing cycle. Swirl is meant to “enhance a social cultural relationship between women and children, making washing a fun and easy experience.”

+ designaffairs Studio