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Designed for Huzi by Mike Mak, the table is handcrafted from birch plywood, and finished with low VOC, non-toxic chalkboard paint that’s free from hazardous air pollutants. The table comes with two custom-designed uncrushable and silent balls, dustless chalk and an eraser with a storage case, and a ping pong divider, as well as a pair of paddles. You can also invest in some extra paddles if you think you’ll be playing table tennis doubles.

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This table tennis table is a piece of furniture that will transform your playroom or den. Toggling back and forth between active play with ping pong and a more meditative, creative pursuit like drawing with chalk means the table will get plenty of continuous use. Or combine them both, and use the chalk while you are playing to keep score, jot down things you need on your next grocery trip (which always come to us at the most random times), or, if you are in the company of adults, scribble some smack talk for the opposing team. When it’s time to chill out, put all the play components as well as books, remote controls, and other things lying about, into the storage area for a quick cleaning fix.

We’re pretty excited about everything this table has to offer, including the fact that the black surface is scratch-resistant, and the design details really tickle us too. The birch paddles, for instance, come with a silk-screened mustache and red lips for a light, humorous touch. And we kind of can’t get over that the balls will retain their shape even if you step on them. We can’t wait to see them in action… and also to not hear them in action. Since they are silent, kids and adults can even play while others are trying to concentrate or have a conversation in the same room.

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+ Table tennis table $299.00

+ Table tennis paddles $29.00

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