The best toys are the ones that allow a child to use his or her imagination. That‚Äôs the philosophy behind Tabula Rasa imaginary drawing toys, which are comprised of a group of plain white figurines that can become anything your child can dream up, from dinosaurs and bugs, to monsters and cars, with a little creativity and some colored markers. And one of the coolest attributes of these open-ended toys is that the figures are washable and may be reused time and again to drum-up different creatures and worlds. Called a 3D canvas, the Tabula Rasa figurines come in five families: the fossil, bulb, ridgeback, coral and poly families, each one consisting of a handful of related shapes. Rotem Rylski at the Seminar Hakibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, Israel, created the concept as her final project, in order to provide children with a toy that would not only inspire play, but would also encourage free thinking. She offers, “The project is based on the idea that children are able to create more complex and creative games by themselves than we designers can. Our job is to provide them with the correct trigger…”

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