Taga bikes, which are a hybrid stroller/bike/grocery toting/cool way to cruise around town, first rode onto the scene four years ago, and there’s been renewed interest recently, thanks to a shared video post on Facebook that caused Taga to sell out months of inventory within hours. The price tag (almost $1,500) is enough to make even the most eco-devoted cringe a little, so when the company announced Taga 2.0 with a much more affordable cost of $599, we got pretty excited… and apparently so did everyone else in the entire world. The early bird price sold out and the entire campaign was pledged over 200% in less than 10 minutes when the Taga 2.0 Kickstarter page went live (and is rapidly approaching $1 million in pledges). Grab these babies while you can — the Kickstarter price is still a bargain compared to the retail price of $999! Read on for why this in demand family bike may be perfect for all your clan’s evolving needs.

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Taga 2.0, which can accommodate up to three kids, looks pretty palatial. Little ones basically ride in a small carriage which boasts a royal canopy, lockable covers and plush cushions. The seats are adjustable, making it easy for kids to continue using it as they grow older as well as offering an easy option for naptime rides. There are plenty of ways to orient the colorful seating arrangements — forward or rear facing (or both), when using a baby seat, or when modifying the set-up so that it serves as a place to stow grocery or shopping bags or a pet when kids are ready for their own wheels. Taga incorporated design suggestions from a variety of parents and tried to create a bike that was durable, green, and more affordable for the average family. Getting around via bike is green to begin with, but we love that more than 85% of the bike’s materials are recyclable. Taga 2.0 was also designed to deliver a smooth ride on a variety of terrains and features a special turning geometry, the ability to be turned into an electric bike, accessories including a mud guard, a click on adapter for smart phones or drinking cups, and a frame that can be separated into two parts easily, making it easy for transport or storage. There’s also an accessories bar where kids can attach a mini-table, bubble blowers, or water guns. Most of the Kickstarter add-on items are available for a reduced rate as compared to retail, so if you’re like the hundreds (and rising) number of families who want to give Taga 2.0 a try, now is definitely the time!

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