This Mother’s Day, Corporate Accountability International (CAI) is calling on parents everywhere to join together to help put an end to McDonalds’ predatory marketing to kids. McDonald’s has always marketed to children, so that’s nothing new, but now they’ve infiltrated our schools as well with “educational” programs surrounding nutrition and health. In fact, according to, he’s planning visits to at least 117 more schools this year. CAI likens McDonald’s strategies to Big Tobacco strategies when it comes to luring kids in. Not only does McDonald’s advertise to kids at a young and susceptible age, but they use likable, well-known cartoon characters and bright colorful campaigns designed to make kids really desire McDonald’s. In fact, McDonald’s spent around $1 billion on advertising in just the United States in 2011, with 40% of their ads targeted at kids. That’s insane when you consider the health consequences of fast food. Of course, McDonald’s is not the only problem. Parents, not kids purchase fast food. Parents, not kids have every right to say, “No, you cannot have a Happy Meal.” That said, young kids, with their developing brains, take in all that advertising they see, and it sticks with them, possibly helping to form habits for life. Why not say no to fast food as a parent AND help stop over-advertising of junk.

CAI notes that The White House, four federal agencies (FTC, FDA, CDC, and the USDA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics have all recommended that McDonald’s stop promoting junk food to children, and now you can help too.

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