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Taking vitamin D during pregnancy is advised for proper baby bone development and healthy muscle function, but researchers admit that little is known about the specific role vitamin D plays while baby is developing in the womb. This in mind, some researchers recently set out to find out if vitamin D is more important than previously thought during pregnancy. The researchers, based in the U.K., found that vitamin D during late pregnancy may indeed be very important, influencing baby muscle development. During the observational study, the researchers looked at the associations between maternal plasma vitamin D status at 34 weeks of gestation and then observed the mothers babies’ lean mass and muscle strength at 4 years of age and saw that vitamin D had an effect on muscle strength, but not muscle mass. While the study was small, the results do show that mothers who get a proper amount of vitamin D may have children who develop better muscle strength as toddlers. Small study or not, we already know that people who lack enough vitamin D are more prone to bone problems, so it’s wise to get enough even if you aren’t pregnant. Good sources of vitamin D include mushrooms and fortified foods like tofu, milk, orange juice, cereal and yogurt.

+ Maternal Antenatal Vitamin D Status and Offspring Muscle Development

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