Target stores are responding to customer feedback by removing gender-based signs from several departments, including children’s toys, entertainment, and children’s bedding. Gender equality advocates, including numerous parents, are applauding the announcement and citing it as a way to enjoy a less pink-or-blue defined shopping experience. The movement towards encouraging children to choose products based on their interests instead of their gender has become increasingly popular, especially since information regarding the impact of assigning gender to products has come to light. Boys and girls are believed to play less together from an earlier age due to gender-stereotyped toys and such toys may even influence future career choices. Signage and other details such as the colors on the walls of shelves will be changed to be more gender neutral. Target is the latest (and one of the largest) retailers to announce such changes. UK-based Toys R Us agreed to go gender neutral almost two years ago.

via Fox 5 San Diego

Lead image via Shutterstock