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Tanaka takes inspiration from everyday objects, seeing a world beyond their intended use. With child-like imagination, Tanaka sees new meaning in household products. Objects from regular domestic scenes are favored, giving viewers a recognizable and relatable experience. Coupled with tiny human figures used in model-making, the familiar objects transform into fantastical scenes, from a bug’s eye view.

A burst of disinfectant wipes is transformed into an exploding geyser, with mini figures running for cover. Twirling ice skaters dance around the slick metal surface on a can of food, emblazoned in Japanese characters. Laundry scenes are common in Tanaka’s work, with safety pins reimagined as clothing racks, and Instagram stickers doubling as a clothes dryer.

Tanaka’s work also often calls sustainable practices to mind, not only with his repurposing of materials, but also with subject matter. In many works, electrical components like memory cards and fragments from mother boards are reused to look like a solar farm, with rows and rows of panels overseen by two workers.

The incredible tableaus serve as inspiration to see our day-to-day lives in a whole new way!

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+ Tatsuya Tanaka

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