We all love a bit of theater, so when a veteran costume designer turns their hand to developing a line of children’s clothing made from quality vintage garments, we know we’re in for a visual treat. Liz Bourgeois is the founder and creative force behind Team Chipmunk. She cut her teeth upcycling preloved garments into avant-garde designs for low budget theater productions, before heading to the bright lights of Broadway to become associate designer of one of its  longest running and Tony Award winning productions, Avenue Q. Read on to learn more about the new Team Chipmunk kids clothing line.

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Liz Bourgeois was inspired to breathe a second life into old clothing, after finding out 500 gallons of water was required to produce the half pound of cotton required to produce just one item of children’s clothing. Team Chipmunk’s Spring/Summer 2011 range has just been released. The collection is inspired by the countryside with a good dose of story telling – it’s “Made for Alice to climb down rabbit holes, Laura to skip through prairie grass, Peter Pan to fight pirates, and Tom Sawyer to walk through the woods barefoot.” The repurposed classic vintage range features intricate detailing and heirloom quality tailoring. Selected for 2011 Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair, the stage is set for Team Chipmunk in 2011.

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