There are currently two billion children in the world. To the founders of TED-Ed Clubs, that translates into billions of creative minds bursting with potential to change the globe. TED Talks, famous for their short, recorded presentations made by adult experts in their chosen disciplines, just launched the TED-Ed Clubs program last week, to encourage kids to develop and communicate their passions.

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The TED-Ed Clubs follow the debut of the TED-Ed site, a platform for teachers to find engaging YouTube videos and create customized lesson plans around their choice of topic. The TED-Ed Clubs strive to teach kids how to identify their interests and turn them in to TED-style presentations. Participants are asked to fill out an application, join a conference call discussing how to run their organization, and are given an outline for thirteen lessons to act as ice-breakers.

The TED-Ed clubs have already been piloted in over 100 schools in 20 countries since mid-2013. Presenters are encouraged to videotape their talks and upload them to the site in order to help build a library similar to the original TED framework.

“In today’s world, a person’s ability to effectively and creatively communicate their ideas can be the difference between endless opportunities opened, and endless opportunities missed,” said TED-Ed director Logan Smalley.

Teachers can nominate students for recognition through the website or at the TED Youth Conference. Through establishing the groups, TED hopes to encourage children to take a more active role in their education, feel proud of their ideas, and empower them with the skills to express themselves. By following their passions with the support of their peers and teachers, they will have a greater chance in reaching their dreams of creating positive change.

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