If you have ever worn a necklace while carrying a curious baby, you know that this may result in an unwelcome game of tug-of war. Teething babies definitely need stuff to chew on, and conventional jewelry with its sparkling trinkets, multi-faceted gems, and shimmery baubles are all delicious eye-candy for an exploring infant. Unfortunately, this can also pose a serious choking hazard, and the concoction of baby + jewelry may also spell ‘recipe for disaster’. Enter Teething Bling to every new Mom’s rescue!

Teething Bling by Smart Mom is a stylishly cool line of jewelry designed to be chewed and tugged on by inquisitive peeps. Teething Bling products are completely non-toxic and 100% lead-free, as well as being free of phalate, BPA, PVC, and latex. They are made from silicone and are totally dishwasher and food safe.

The latest collection consists of pendants (with break-away clasps), keychains, and bangles. This baby and mommy-friendly jewelry is simple in design and free of small dangling parts that are a choking hazard. Even better? A portion of sales go to CureSearch and Dress for Success.

Teething Bling is a clever and thoughtful way to encourage babies to explore safely while also accessorizing hip moms and loving caregivers.

+ Teething Bling/Smart Mom