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Tegu founders (and brothers) Chris and Will Haughey didn’t start the company with the idea that they were going to peddle in blocks. Instead, they launched the company after a trip to Honduras where they were struck by the poverty in the country. After witnessing Honduran children living off a landfill collecting recyclables for less then a dollar a day, the Haughey brothers become fixated on the idea that Honduras needed businesses which offered living wage jobs. Since the country is home to many beautiful tropical hardwoods, it made an ideal location for manufacturing sustainable wood products. Once the brothers started exploring designs, the magnetic blocks appeared, and the rest is history.

Tegu magnetic wooden toys are made from sustainably harvested hardwoods from Honduras with partnerships with GTZ, Nepenthes, and the Rainforest Alliance. The candy colored colored blocks are finished with non-toxic water-based colorings which allow your child to have fun through safe, eco play. Tegu’s Honduran production helps support families through steady work, pays for children to attend schooling, and facilitates the planting of trees to replenish Honduran forests.

Each time a Tegu set is ordered you have the option of sending a child to school for a day or planting a tree to help replenish Honduran forests that have suffered from the devastating effects of clear-cutting. Through a partnership with Trees For The Future Tegu has planted over 6,000 trees. These great initiatives follow the core principles of Tegu’s philosophy of recognizing humanity’s intrinsic value and with that comes real, sustainable change to one of the world’s poorest countries.

Now when you treat your kids to a set of these awesome, yet admittedly pricey, eco-friendly blocks, you’ll know that your purchase is helping families in Hondurus, planting trees and paying for schooling. Magnetic abilities aside, Tegu are truly magical blocks.

+ Tegu Block Sets $75 – $150

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