On December 16th, just in time for last minute holiday shopping, Tegu, a company we’re long-time fans of, will be releasing a brand new collection, Tegu Mobility. Tegu Mobility is a brand new line of magnetic wooden wheels and cars. Mobility offers beautifully crafted wheels that magically click onto any Tegu block creation, thus allowing your child to instantly create a mobile masterpiece. The line is fully modular and even integrates with the existing magnetic building system. Like all Tegu toys, the new Mobility collection is made with high-quality and safe materials, such as wood, magnets that are safely enclosed inside wood finished with water-based and non-toxic coatings.

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Like all Tegu toys, the new mobility line is made at the Tegu production facility in Honduras. This facility helps support families, giving them steady work, helps to pay for children to attend schooling and facilitates the planting of trees to replenish Honduran forests. Every time you order a wonderful Tegu toy set, you are given an option of sending a child to school for a day or planting a tree to help replenish Honduran forests suffering from clear-cutting. Unlike other great, but we admit, fairly pricey Tegu sets, the new mobility set is much more affordable for families ranging at under $40 a pop. Also, in honor of the Mobility launch Tegu is holding a “How Do You Roll Sweepstakes,” in which Tegu will be randomly selecting one lucky child winner to guest design a Tegu vehicle for mass production in 2012. The selected child will work with the Tegu world-class design team to concept, brand and produce the new product – truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. New Tegu Mobility is available in limited supplies this holiday season, so pick one up for your child, before they zoom away.

+ Tegu Mobility $22.00-$38.00

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