Clearly, Tegu is a popular company on Inhabitots and for good reason: these magnetic wooden blocks encourage creativity, come in an array of styles, and help support a Honduran community by providing job opportunities, education, and reforestation efforts. Tegu’s newest blocks are the adorable “myBLOCKHEADS,” and kids will love customizing them according to their own tastes and personality. Choose from four different eye colors and between 10 different colors for each leg and “body” cube. Then pick from one of 10 graphics to decorate the body cube. Choices include a soccer ball, a superhero, a star, and a dinosaur. All the options equate to 40,000 possible combinations, which means that kids will feel great about creating their very own blockhead style. The personalized blocks also put the kibosh on any quibbles over whose blocks are whose among your children. Want some more reasons to love the blockheads and the company that makes them? Read on.

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The blockheads are an ideal tech-free plaything; the sweet, simple shape of the modern-looking creatures is reminiscent of an eco-robot, so we’re sure they would be welcome in a Star Wars scenario. Blockheads are the kind of toy, however, that we can see our kids finding use for in variety of play pretend set-ups. Every aspect of the blockheads and the other blocks in the Tegu gallery are extremely thoughtful from concept through construction. TEGU works with local Honduran cooperatives who hand pick which trees to harvest responsibly, and for every tree Tegu cuts down, the company plants another 983!

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Tegu believes in providing a living wage to employees at their toy factory, and promotes long-term career growth and development and is also proud to partner with a school in Honduras that educates children whose families work at a nearby city trash dump. We love the consideration Tegu takes to ensure that both the consumer community they are serving and the manufacturing community that they are working in benefit from these deceptively simple-looking and endearing toys. Grab these pocket-sized pals to accompany your kids on their holiday adventures and beyond.

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