In a recent study led by Duke University, 100% of mothers and children tested were positive for TDCIPP, a common flame retardant in furniture. Research shows that TDCIPP is a very likely carcinogen to humans as studies have shown that this flame retardant causes tumors in multiple organs — and the Consumer Product Safety Commission lists TDCIPP as a “probable carcinogen.” Worse than the fact that 100% of moms and kids tested positive for TDCIPP is that the average concentration in children was nearly five times that of their moms. Adding insult to injury, flame retardants like TDCIPP aren’t even necessary for furniture, and in fact, studies have found that they may make fires even deadlier. Due to growing concerns about the body burden of flame retardants in families, The Story of Stuff Project is attempting to get Fisher Price, a company who makes an insane amount of infant products, including high chairs, infant swings, and booster seats, to commit to removing TDCIPP from their products. However, Fisher Price is far from the only problem child company. Many, many companies making baby and kid products refuse to remove toxic flame retardants from their products. Keep reading to learn more.

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Flame retardants in kids products is not a new problem. Back in 2011, one study found that possibly 80% of car seats, high chairs, strollers and other baby products may contain potentially toxic flame retardants. It’s also well-known that flame retardants may be residing in many of the foods you eat. In February and March 2014, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) surveyed leading baby product manufacturers on their use of flame retardant chemicals in their products and found that many companies are either still using flame retardants in their baby products or refuse to say if they are. The CEH flame retardant report card shows that eight companies have eliminated flame retardants from their products, but only two companies, Naturepedic and MamaDoo Kids, are labeling products as flame retardant-free so that consumers can make informed purchases. Eight other companies, including Fisher Price, Evenflo, The First Years(RC2) and Graco, did not respond to the survey despite repeated outreach efforts by CEH. So, right now, sign the Fisher Price petition, but take note that many other companies are using flame retardants as well, and you may want to let these other companies know that you won’t be buying their products until they commit to removing this toxin from all kid-related products. See the list of companies using flame retardants.

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