Update 8/6/2014: Greenpeace has released their second campaign led by kids across the world, encouraging Lego to break their partnership with Shell, via the video above.

As part of a new co-promotion, LEGO, everyone’s favorite toy brick company, has partnered with Shell, well known oil giant of the world. As part of the partnership, LEGO has actually branded Shell’s logo on a special set of LEGO toys, thus gaining Shell even more global advertising, not to mention forcing kids into brand recognition of a company that plays a role in destroying the planet and thereby their very future. This new partnership is clever on the part of Shell, who has a rightfully horrid reputation due to their controversial Arctic drilling plans. If Shell was looking to partner with a company who can boost their image in spite of the implications of drilling the very fragile Arctic, home to wildlife such as polar bears, whales, walruses and more, they picked the right company. I mean, who doesn’t love LEGO? Beyond drilling harming Arctic wildlife, Greenpeace points out that the Arctic helps regulate global climate, yet when drilled, Arctic ices will only melt faster. Plus, if there’s an oil spill in the Arctic, it’ll be near impossible to clean up. Greenpeace would like to set up a global sanctuary in the uninhabited area around the North Pole and get a ban on offshore oil drilling and unsustainable fishing in the wider Arctic region, but will this happen if everyone gets on board with Shell’s grand Arctic plans because LEGO is standing up for their integrity? Maybe not. Luckily, you can help put a possible end to this partnership thanks to a new Greenpeace anti-Shell petition. The petition asks LEGO to cut ties with Shell right away so we can focus on not only keeping the Shell brand out of playrooms around the world but also move one step closer to keeping Shell out of the Arctic. Keep reading to see the heartwrenching video Greenpeace put together to urge LEGO to end to its partnership with Shell.

+ Sign the Petition – LEGO: Cut ties with Shell


Lead image via LEGO: Everything is not Awesome video