IKEA surely has a its charms and genius ideas, but some of their furniture isn’t as long-lasting as we would like. So we love to see designers who come up with new uses for old IKEA stuff like this new ride-on toy idea for the IKEA Trofast storage system. The different sized drawers of Trofast, available in a variety of color combinations, have made this storage piece popular for kids bedrooms and play rooms, but what do you do with all those boxes when they are no longer required? Do they go to waste or get stacked away in the cupboard never to be used again?

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Sam Johnson, father and one of the creative designers at TEN faced just this issue, and hatched the idea to upcycle the Trofast pieces, extending their life, by making them into a fun ride-on toy for kids. Only a few extra items are required to transform the humble Trofast box. An Ikea chopping board transforms into the baseboard, cable ties fasten it tightly together and caster wheels get it moving! Add a small length of rope for a handle, stick on googly eyes from your local craft store and voila – your child will be racing up and down your new hallway race track on their upcycled Trofast toy in next to no time.

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