I recently discovered (a bit too late for the start of the school year) that TerraCycle offers three recycled backpack options for kids. Even though TerraCycle argues that “every year millions of non–recyclable cookie wrappers and packaging end up in our landfills,” I’m still on the fence regarding their Drink Pouch and Cookie Wrapper recycled backpack options. (I’d be hard-pressed to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why my son can wear a backpack constructed from Oreo cookie packages but he can’t eat from them). However, the YakPak backpack offered by TerraCycle, “made from recycled billboards,” is a product any green parent could endorse.

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Each YakPak backpack is “unique, water-resistant and durable,” and designed in black, they carry no advertorial message. Which I think is an option TerraCycle should at least consider offering for their recycled drink pouch and snack wrapper backpack lines — all-silver backpacks and accessories made from inside-out packaging. It seems this would cancel out whatever potential psychological damage (“I just can’t stop thinking about junk food…”) toting around a CapriSun Backpack stuffed with a Frito-Lay Wrapper Binder, an Oreo Pencil Case and a Kool-Aide Homework Folder might cause kids. Then again, my option would have your kid looking like a throwback from Warhol‘s tinfoil period.

At $12.00 – $24.99 for a backpack, TerraCycle school products are extremely affordable… and they know it. Just have a look at the product price comparison displayed for each item on the website.

+ YakPak Backpack $24.99