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Instead of halls with art hanging on the walls, the Art In Island Museum is set up for interaction. Paintings of grandiose sizes stretch over the walls, ceilings and even on the floors, with some reaching massive proportions.

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But what’s so unique about the works of art at the Art in Island Museum, is that they were painted to create wild optical illusions from specific vantage points. When standing in that sweet spot, visitors can appear to be walking over a rickety rope bridge, swimming alongside whales and sharks, or walking through a field of lava. Other paintings are slightly more traditional, based on historical pieces but with a twist — visitors can step into a Starry Night inspired piece, or appear to ride horses in the Colosseum in ancient Rome.

Unlike no photo policies at traditional museums, Art In Island encourages visitors to capture the fun on camera, preserving both the illusion and their fun day of interacting with art!

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