What looks a little like a robot, a lot like a turtle, and can create amazing, detailed, and impressively-sized sand art in the shape of animals and designs? It’s the Beachbot, a newly unveiled robot protype that will hopefully beautify beaches and eventually snowy terrains. This cool new Beachbot comes as a result of a collaboration between Disney’s Research Lab in Zurich and student engineers from the University of Zurich, and it features a retractable rake that applies even pressure, creating brush strokes that quickly result in impressive and often expansive works of sand art. ┬áThe Beachbot makes creating sand art look like a breeze, but the process is actually quite complex and very cool — the robot is programmed using algorithms that turn images into trajectories for the Beachbot to follow. Internal scanners help create the parameters for each work, and an inertial measurement unit helps create some of the smaller, more specific movements that result in the details of turtle, fish, dog, or other design.The Beachbot is still in the concept phase as its innovators try to make it more autonomous, but be on the lookout for one the next time you hit the beach!

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