Kids typically fall into two camps with regard to brushing their teeth: those who are inexplicably fascinated with this twice daily ritual and love cleaning their chompers and those who will do or say anything to get out of it. Convincing reluctant brushers to partake in this important activity just got a lot easier, thanks to two doctor moms (one of whom is a family dentist). The duo created The Brushies, the world’s first finger puppet toothbrushes. Designed to make the task of brushing teeth fun instead of a battle, The Brushies comes as a set of four finger puppet/toothbrushes and also includes a sweet and relevant board book featuring the characters.

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Made in the U.S.A. from 100% food grade silicone and free of BPA and phthalates, The Brushies are brightly colored and super kid-friendly. Don’t be surprised if they disappear from the bathroom counter and end up among your little one’s toys or as characters in one of her finger puppet performances. We love that the gift set comes with four characters so that your tot’s fingers can stay occupied — instead of trying to pry the toothbrush from your hand. She can even try brushing herself since The Brushies fit over little fingers, making it easier for kids to really feel the areas they are cleaning! If the sight of Willa the whale, Chomp the crocodile, Pinky the pig, and Momo the monkey, don’t entice your tot to show off her little chiclet teeth, perhaps reading about them will get her excited. Within a few weeks of starting your Brushies routine (which The Brushies team recommends starting as early as four weeks-old), your kiddo will likely love or at least tolerate teeth cleaning time, especially if Mommy or Daddy use funny voices and tell silly stories incorporating the characters. In addition to helping make dental health fun for kids and their parents, the founders of The Brushies have also partnered with the non-profit, Alliance of Moms and are donating a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to support children’s dental and overall health.

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