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LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 08: The Brutalist Playground is the latest work by Turner Prize nominees Assemble with artist Simon Terrill at the RIBA on June 8, 2015 in London, England. The installation is open free to the public from 10 June to 16 August at the Architecture Gallery, RIBA, London. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for The Royal Institue Of British Architects (RIBA))

The Brutalist Playground takes over the Architecture Gallery, creating a landscape of simplistic architectural forms that stretch from one end of the gallery to the other. Forms like cubes for sitting, trapezoids that slope into slides, tilted circles for spinning and expansive rows for running are modernized with friendly paint-splattered coloring, in contrast to the minimalist concrete of the past.

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The structural pieces were inspired and derived from RIBA’s extensive archive of photographs and architectural plans of post-war architecture from the 1950s. These playgrounds explored a design movement that did not focus on safety, but instead daring conceptual and surrealist ideas- without outright concern for the children playing on the hard concrete structures. Recast in kid-friendly foam, the iconic shapes of these designs are paid tribute to, without the concern of being unsafe.

On display until August 16th, the The Brutalist Playground may be exhibited in a gallery, but it is also open for play.

+ The Brutalist Playground at RIBA