The quest to find an eco-friendly and affordable desk for your kiddo is anything but easy, as you may have noticed when we recently posted 6 eco-friendly kids desks for under $300. It was tough finding quality desks that cost so little and that were green to boot. Still, your child needs a desk for homework, art projects and other activities, and if you’re willing to spend a little more for a top quality, eco-minded desk that will last years, Cheme Designs has you covered. The Dubu Desk from Cheme Designs is the kind of desk your child can use from elementary school all the way into high school, and maybe beyond. Made with high quality furniture grade Baltic Birch plywood, beautiful shades (green or gray) of environmentally-friendly, zero-VOC milk paint and GreenGuard certified, low-VOC, water-based lacquer finishes, this desk is a true winner in the green arena. Dubu is also very design savvy, with gentle curves along the front line of the desk top, lovely accordion style drawers and a great small curve cut in the back for power cords.

+ “Dubu” Desk $699.00

+ Cheme Designs