Austlen Baby Co., the newly launched company behind the Entourage, clearly has its finger on the pulse of today’s busy, multitasking families. With more than 30 different stroller configurations, you can take the Entourage when you travel, to the market, around the city, virtually anywhere. There’s a market tote that’s easy to attach and remove for items you might find while out and about, plus a large lower storage basket and area for bigger items. The lower area also expands quickly (and with one hand) to easily handle items like suitcases, which means trying to grow an extra appendage in order to push your kids and all your luggage at the airport is unnecessary!

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The Entourage, currently available in navy or black, holds up to 150 pounds of kid and cargo weight (with the main seat made for kids from birth up to 50 pounds). The seat has five different recline positions, which come in handy when kids pass out after a busy day. Austlen also has standing platforms, sit-and-stand options, and a second seat attachment for when your own family configuration changes. And there’s the now-expected details such as a generous sun canopy and visor, height adjustable handle, an adjustable foot rest, and a compact storage option.

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All of these features come with a considerable price tag, but every parent whose been in the trenches of the baby years can testify that investing in quality durable pieces will actually save you in the long run. Austlen states that the stroller’s tires never go flat, and the wheels’ ball bearings create a smoother ride. The Entourage was just awarded Best in Show by the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association, so we’d say that’s a compelling sign that this stroller is worth every penny.

The Entourage Stroller will be available in 2016, but you can reserve yours now.

+ Entourage Stroller $849.99

+ Austlen Baby Co.