Who has time to garden with a baby in the house? Very few of us, right? However, Boon Forb is one flower you can manage and it’s super helpful in the kitchen if you’ve got baby bottles galore to wash. Forb’s colorful petals are made of ultra-tough silicone, that’s more durable than regular nylon bristles found on most baby bottle brushes  — and Forb won’t scratch your bottles. The bottom of Forb comes with a handy built-in nipple cleaner too! Other Forb features include a textured handle that’s slip-resistant, it’s own little vase that allows Forb to stand upright, and it’s top-rack dishwasher safe. Plus, like other Boon products, Forb is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free. When paired with a modern Boon drying rack, it’s like a little garden bliss right on your countertop.

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+ Forb $9.99

+ Boon