At first glance, the barn containing “The Honest Farm Toy” looks idyllic, but simply open the barn and you’ll find that this toy reveals the horrors of factory farming. The Honest Farm Toy is a one-of-a-kind toy created by animal advocacy group, Compassion in World Farming. It was designed to educate the public about factory farms or rather the “animal sweatshops” and all the unsettling realities of intensive farming. Jonty Whittleton, Senior Campaign Manager at Compassion, says: “This innovative, toy evokes feelings of childhood innocence. However a stark truth lurks behind the shed doors.” This modern version of the classic farm toy will help to raise awareness of the disastrous effect that global industrial livestock farming has on animals, people and the planet, showing what life is really like down on the farm for animals. Users can explore the Your Farm website to utilize interactive games, videos and images that showcase all the cruel and unsustainable aspects of factory farming.

The Honest Farm Toy is an intricately designed, lunchbox-sized toy that features playful, yet unfortunately realistic industrial farming paraphernalia – including cages, antibiotics, fertilizers and soy-based feed. The toy campaign also shows off a closely confined group of cows, pigs and chickens, with shocking chunks of meat that can be pulled right off the animals. While exploring, users can choose to ‘fix the farm.’ The cows, pigs and chickens can be freed from their tightly packed formations and the farm toy unfolded to reveal pasture for the animals to roam on, creating a more sustainable and humane food system. According to Compassion, this user action, along with the toy, is a powerful metaphor for one of the simple solutions to fixing our broken food system — getting animals out of factories and back on the land. Packed with satirical twists, The Honest Farm Toy will hopefully remind those who should know, and educate those who don’t, of the totally unnecessary practice of factory farming and all the terrible implications it has on farm animals and our environment. To see this innovative toy campaign/learning tool, and to learn more about the 50 billion plus animals who are reared in factory farms every year globally, visit Compassion in World Farming.

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