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Using connection joints that work like K’nex with a main hub and six ball joint “prongs” radiating out and connectable to any type of wood, the Hubs is a great way for kids to gain confidence in their own building and constructing skills. The kits available for pre-order and come with options: some have hand-split chestnut wooden rods included and some don’t, so that you can customize the look and even the size of your dome. For those without any backyard space or who like to start small, they have a model mini-kit that uses the same type of construction skills on a smaller scale using plastic straws. Since construction and demolition takes almost no time at all, you can bring the Hubs with you and take it to a friend’s house. You can also play around with creating different angles of the “legs” changing the look of the structure (one idea is an igloo shape) which allows more engaged play. Some of the kits come with bird netting, so that the space could even be used to grow fruit — and we’re already dreaming of draping the Hubs with some sheer cloth for bug-free stargazing. This dome kit is just in its Kickstarter phase, so you’ll have to wait until winter or summer to actually start building, but you can start planning your little geodesic dome hideaway now.

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