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We previously featured The Land, a Welsh “adventure” playground on Inhabitots, and readers were captivated by the concept. In an overprotective world where kids are barely allowed to walk to school, ride a city bus, attend a sleepover or venture outside to the park sans parents, The Land is an utterly refreshing departure from the norm. At The Land, a kid can run free, climb trees, light fires, use a saw, or a hammer and nails and jump over (or into) muddy puddles. Now a new documentary film from director Erin Davis is highlighting this innovative adventure playground. The Land is all about the nature of play, along with the common risks and hazards kids should face in childhood. The film documents the belief that kids are empowered when they learn to manage risks on their own and encourages parents to allow children to take said risks.

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The idea of more freedom, adventure play and kids taking risks may seem scary to some parents, but the alternative are kids who can’t make decisions, who are scared to try new things and who (yikes) may be living with their parents well into middle age. A lack of freedom and risks doesn’t just harm the well-being of kids, but parents who over-protect or over-parent may be more stressed or depressed. You can get updates about The Land film via Facebook and Twitter. We’re all for kids having MUCH more freedom and wild play time, so The Land is one new film we think every parent should see. If you don’t get a chance to see this movie, check out the posts below for some tips on raising independent kids.

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