Back in 2011, London-based ice cream makers, The Licktators, teamed up with a breastfeeding campaigner, Victoria Hiley, a 30 year-old mother from Leeds, to launch Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream. Cut to present-day and they’ve re-launched the uniquely flavored ice cream in celebration of the pending arrival of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s royal baby. Hiley first got involved with the campaign to help, “remind the Duchess of Cambridge, and mothers around the country, of the benefits of breastfeeding. And also how delicious breast milk is, whatever your age.” According to a Licktators press release, Hiley notes, “There was huge support from breastfeeding women for Baby Gaga ice cream in 2011, yet some politicians still stigmatize women for breastfeeding in public. Hiley goes on to say that the birth of the royal baby is the perfect time to re-release the flavor, “After all, what else would you give your young prince or princess?”

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The Lickators have previously released some interesting ice cream flavors such as cinnamon doughnut and popcorn, but Baby Gaga, made with a blend of donated breast milk and Madagascan Vanilla, might be their most unique. Baby Gaga take 2, available in both pink and blue tubs, will be sold at selected stores in London by summer 2015. It’s also going to be available online at The Licktators website. At £19.99 per 500ml tub, this ice cream may still be worth a buy considering all profits will be donated to a breastfeeding charity. If you’re not close enough to London to order, no worries, The Licktators have also published the recipe online so any family can make breast milk ice cream at home.

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