Another day, another round of folks appalled by mothers breastfeeding their babies. When will the madness end? For mom and new business owner, 22 year-old Charlotte Purdie, it’s just beginning. Last week Purdie, (mother to a one year-old son), opened The Milk Lounge in Arnold, a Nottingham suburb. The establishment is believed to be the first cafe in England designed specifically to serve as a safe and clean place for breastfeeding — and it sure seems like the ideal, well-thought out business for moms (and dads are welcome too). In addition to offering a relaxed environment where moms are encouraged to breastfeed in comfort without feeling the need to hide, there are private feeding rooms (outfitted with sockets for those who need to pump), a lactation consultant available full-time to help new moms, and a family-friendly and inclusive vibe. Unfortunately, despite all these carefully curated elements, the young owner has been receiving death threats since the cafe opened last week! Seriously?

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Purdie has received support from the local council and investors since coming up with the idea for The Milk Lounge after having trouble finding an appropriate place to breastfeed her own baby. However she told the BBC, “I have received death threats and abusive phone calls in the middle of the night since I opened. We are a family friendly cafe but some people are against us.” But Purdie counters the negativity with enthusiasm and optimism saying, “we are 100% inclusive and have had loads of support.” Luckily, many new parents as well as other members of the community are taking advantage of The Milk Lounge’s offerings, which include lactation cookies and healthy foods, baby-friendly color schemes, toddler activities for older siblings, a bottle warmer, a clean space for taking care of any baby needs, and the simple but vital opportunity to gather with other parents and discuss life with a baby. We hope the dissenters either open their minds to the importance of having such a great resource in the community, or keep their opinions to themselves. Cheers to Charlotte Purdie for opening The Milk Lounge! We wish her every success.

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via BBC and The Huffington Post

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