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Built with educational philosophies geared toward children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, The Milkshake Tree is more than a typical playground. The structure’s easy-to-access ramps and timber screens allow children of all abilities to navigate and play, inspiring a sense of independence and focus on fun. Diversified elements stimulate the senses through sounds, smells, movements and reflective surfaces that inspire as much as they entertain.

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Located just outside the NOW Gallery, the Milkshake Tree winds around with a wooden fin screen, which filters sunlight while also providing a grip for kids to hold onto. In between the wooden fins is an interactive copper xylophone that can be played as children pass by. In the center, a gold mirrored cube is interrupted with leaf-shaped cut outs, casting shapes that intermingle with the kaleidoscopic colors that reflect from a glass prism that is positioned under a leafy tree in the center of the playground. The fantastical sensory garden inspires confidence and self-esteem through independent and creative play.

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