Never has installation art been so much fun for adults and kids alike. The Moradavaga Swing installation is an interactive art installation that allows individuals to swing on large wooden blocks while generating electricity to lights underneath the slat floor. It’s a low-tech piece of art that encourages interaction.

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The Swing installation is part of the Pop-Up Culture program in Portugal. Each swing is attached to a bicycle chain that pulls a large weight, which turns a bicycle wheel at the top of the installation. This creates electricity to light the floor underneath each swing. The floor of the installation is created out of re-useable wood pallets, donated by Palsystems.

The installation is a tribute to the industrial heritage of Guimarães, meant to evoke the sounds and look of the old factories in the town. The use of hemp rope, rustic wood and industrial chain creates a low-tech feeling that is incredibly innovative. It sits outside of the International Centre for the Arts Jose de Guimarães in Portugal. If you are in the area, hurry down with your family to explore the installation while it lasts.

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