The brand new, cute, hip, Goodbyn lunchbox saves the earth one school lunch at a time. This BPA and Phthalate-free lunch system eliminates the need for plastic baggies, disposable drink boxes or pouches, and multiple Tupperware containers. It’s “a better lunchbox, reinvented for kids, parents, and our planet.” Read on to see why we’re sending our kids back to school with this stellar sidekick.

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The Goodbyn lunchbox is a winning choice for parents packing lunches, for the kids consuming them, and for the health of the planet. Three reasons we love this lunch system: 1) The easy-open, kid-tested ‘ears’ on the bin make for less cries for assistance in getting to lunchtime goodies. 2) The 6 individual containment spaces that keep food separate in the Goodbyn are better than the one-space-fits-all design of conventional lunch boxes. and 3) Each Goodbyn comes with a 3-page sticker set affording kids the opportunity to customize their lunchbox.

What makes the Goodbyn green is the company’s mission to be as transparent as possible, the insistence of having all manufacturing done in the US, and the attention paid to the materials used (even the stickers are made with vegetable-based inks, recycled polypropylene vinyl, and water-based solvent adhesives).

Goodbyns cost $29.95 and are currently available for pre-order (the first bins will be shipped on August 15th).

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