Diapers made from jellyfish may be the newest wave of eco-minded baby goods — but is the concept of jellyfish diapers just too bizarre or does it hold water? Discover reports that Cine’al Ltd., an Israeli nanotechnology start-up, is developing a line of super-absorbent diapers made from jellyfish that have the advantage of possibly breaking down (biodegrading) in less than 30 days — which is considerably less time than traditional disposable diapers that sit in landfills for eons. Apparently jellyfish diapers also soak up twice the mess, leaving a cleaner baby tush and maybe resulting in fewer diaper changes. This strange new idea was inspired by research conducted at Tel Aviv University that shows how jellyfish flesh has super-absorbent qualities. Jellyfish diapers and other absorbent products made of jellyfish are manufactured by breaking down the jellyfish flesh and then adding antibacterial nanoparticles. Discover notes that the, “Resultant raw material is being called Hydromesh.” While these diapers may be biodegradable and absorbent, you can bet that some folks will take issue with diapering their baby in a decidedly non-vegan diaper made from a sea creature. Read on to learn more about why jellyfish are on the chopping block as diaper fodder.

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According to Cine’al Ltd., we should be grateful that a use has been found for jellyfish, because jellyfish populations may be taking over the seas. Apparently, due to booming jellyfish populations, these creatures are encountering fewer predators on average. Additionally, jellyfish are naturally adaptable to global warming. Basically, researchers feel that if current jellyfish trends continue, in the future the oceans will be invaded and all but taken over by jellyfish. Well, all I can say is how like humans this situation is. We (yes the humans) trash the planet, create global warming, then fuss and whine when the only sea life who can handle it is the jellyfish, thus creating a new problem. To solve the problem we humans created, we come up with an awesome idea to chop up beautiful jellyfish and turn them into a human baby product. Seriously? For now, jellyfish diapers are just a pipe dream, but even if you were interested, we’d still suggest you choose a nice cloth diaper option for your baby.

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