The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) recently published a rewritten version of Little Red Riding Hood on their NRA Family site. The retelling of this story includes Little Red and her grandmother staying safe from the Big Bad Wolf’s jaws by brandishing rifles. While the two heroines never actually fire their weapons, the mere sight of them is enough to make the wolf back off, thus resulting in less bloodshed in the story. If you’ll remember, the original tale included the wolf eating the grandmother and Red who are saved when a woodcutter with an ax kills the wolf and rips him open. The second story re-told and released by the NRA was Hansel & Gretel, who are able to escape the mean witch because they have a gun, plus because they can now hunt game, the children’s family is well-fed, unlike in the original where the family was starving. These NRA fairy tale re-writes may indeed result in less overall violence, but the plot twists also place guns in the hands of children.

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As one might assume, The Washington Post notes that the NRA fairy tales have resulted in some criticism, plus ignited debates between, “gun-rights advocates holding tight to their Second Amendment rights and gun-control activists concerned with incidents involving children and guns.” The NRA did tag their stories as “Fun Friday” and “Just for fun” on their website, so maybe you’d assume they’re just having a chuckle, but then again, they also post stories that kick off, “It’s a memorable day when a kid gets their first gun…” and 5 reasons all families should try shotgun sports. Clearly their intent is to get guns into the hands of families, kids included. Twitter backlash from anti-gun advocates has been funny, in a sad way with tweets stating, “#NRAFairyTales Beauty & The Beast – Reading books is for losers, Belle’s real passion is hunting beasts. #TheEnd” and “Unsecured rifle knocked over by Cinderella as she cleans house. Gutshot, she bleeds out and dies before the ball. #NRAFairyTales…” So, what do you think? Do guns make your favorite fairy tales less violent or is this a ploy to target kids, making them think they should be carrying? Let us know in the comments.

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