The Original Tree Swing creates delightful wooden toys that are full of character and life — such as the charming Gnome Home shown above. These handmade creations will spark your little one’s imagination and add natural beauty to the playroom. The Original Tree Swing is a family owned and operated business committed to developing open-ended toys that encourage creative play. Original Tree Swing toys are made with reclaimed wood and finished in beeswax or mineral oil which allows the gorgeous colors of the natural wood to shine through.

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Many Original Tree Swing toys encourage outside play, such as the authentic sliced log style Original Tree Swing, made from local reclaimed Ash, Elm, or Maple and natural fiber rope. Almost all Original Tree Swing toys are handmade and all toys feature sturdy construction and soft rounded corners. Recycled materials are used for shipping these lovely toys, and there are many styles from which to choose, which are suitable for all ages and stages. Best of all, these toys are eco-friendly and comparable in their design to high-end toys such as Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design, but they have affordable price points!

+ Gnome Home $42

+ Original Tree Swing $39.98

+ The Original Tree Swing