To pacify or not to pacify? There are as many answers to that question as there are parents. Our first child and her pacifier were inseparable… except for the countless times she dropped it like a bad habit in the grossest of places. How I wish Doddle & Co.‘s “Pop” pacifier had been available to me in those days of yore when spit-cleaning was our only defense. The innovative design behind a “Pop” pacifier is that when it falls out of baby’s mouth it pops into it’s own self-protecting, silicone cloud. The pacifier can then easily be re-opened by baby’s suckle or a gentle push. Pop pacifiers are made of medical grade silicone, and they contain NO lead, BPA, latex, PVC or phthalates. They come in vibrant hues: teal life, pick up lime, well read and cake.

Pre-order now, for an expected delivery date of January, 2017.

+ Doddle & Co. Pop $9.99

+ Doddle & Co.