The Places You’ll Feed may look like a Dr. Seuss book, but even a pro like Seuss probably couldn’t have tackled the topic of breastfeeding with such humor and insider knowledge. Written by a mom of two who has clearly lived the research component of this book, The Places You’ll Feed will have you laughing and nodding your head in agreement over the hilarious and heroic efforts mothers undertake to nurse their babies, and the less than romantic places some (too many!) moms have ended up breastfeeding.

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Lauren Hirshfield Belden manages to cover numerous aspects of breastfeeding: finding a comfortable position and latch, nursing in weird and dirty and desperate situations, and just generally admitting to the love-hate relationship some women have with this not-as-easy-as-people-think process. We love that the book maintains a cheery optimism and lightness, while still discussing issues such as the need for pumping and how ridiculous it can look and feel at first. Isabelle Angell’s illustrations perfectly capture the many ways to nurse and the numerous places we find ourselves breastfeeding with bright colors and Seussian details (like oddly shaped buildings and simple, yet vivid expressions); our favorites depict a woman nursing her baby while simultaneously taking a bath and stirring a pot of stew as well as a woman breastfeeding on the floor of a public bathroom. Just as Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go has become a default graduation gift, we think The Places You’ll Feed will become a staple baby shower and new mom gift.

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