For some children, the story of their lives begins with an enormous challenge. Faced with a critical illness, they are unable to play and experience childhood like their peers. Red Fred Project creator Dallas Graham recognizes that although some kids must tread a difficult path, they possess great strength and creativity. The Red Fred Project allows these special children to write their own story book complete with pictures from their favorite places, and use the proceeds to pay for their treatments.

The Red Fred Project begins by bringing Graham and a team of artists to a child in need. They become acquainted with a group of friendly birds called “The Jolly Troop” who will become the characters in their creation. Next, the budding author chooses the theme of his/her narrative and where it will take place. They take pictures of their favorite places to provide images for their book. Afterwards, the team works together to help choose typefaces, fonts, photos, and unique names for each bird. Storyboards help determine the plot and pacing of the emerging masterpiece. After the child art-directs their draft, a fully bound, professionally published book is theirs to keep.

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“Due to their illnesses and physical challenges, some of these children will not live long, cannot move as others do, and have unique ways of interacting and operating in the everyday world. But what these children DO HAVE is star-dust material—these children have creative, powerful, inventive minds and spirits. They know incredible things BECAUSE of their life challenges,” says Graham.

The Red Fred Project has already worked with Nathan Glad, a boy in Utah with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), to publish his storybook entitled Climbing with Tigers. They hope to take their program to children in each of the 50 states, and are looking to Kickstarter for help. Hoping to raise at least $75,000, the funds will be used transport the Red Fred Project across the country, bringing together a group of professional artists, publishing the books, and spreading immense hope.

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