Intended to stir debate about child safety in public spaces, the Safe Cuddling romper suit designed by Helge Fischer (a recent Royal College of Art graduate) has set off an alarm across the Internet. “The ‘Safe Cuddling’ suit allows for the innocent cuddling of children by helping adults to maintain their integrity,” says Fischer via a statement posted on the popular Dezeen blog.

On the outside the suit resembles standard winter outerwear parents can pick-up in the toddler isles of retail stores such as Patagonia or the GAP. But on the inside, the futuristic romper is outfitted with sensors, speakers and flashing lights that alert parents or guardians to improper touch.

In a bold endeavor the designer not only dares to define what areas on a child’s body are ‘unsafe’ to touch (in case you are wondering, the chest, groin and buttocks regions will trigger an alarm), he also has determined the length of time consistent touch should take place before an alarm sounds (30 seconds in a safe zone, 20 seconds in an ambiguous zone and any touch in an unsafe zone).

Never intending to take the suit to market, Fisher says after creating plans and a prototype, “I then went out and showed the design proposal to parents, child minders and a child protection professional. What was originally intended as an ironic comment became a lot more complex.” No kidding.

Watch the video below:

What’s your opinion? Is such a suit necessary in today’s parenting environment?

+ Helge Fischer

via Dezeen