Children in impoverished countries may never go barefoot again, thanks to The Shoe That Grows. Created by inventor Kenton Lee, the incredible sandal shoe can be adjusted every time a child’s foot grows, extending five sizes larger. With these durable, growable shoes, children will be protected from injury and parasites picked up through bare feet.

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Although children in developing countries do benefit from companies who donate shoes, they are quickly outgrown as a child gets older. The Shoe That Grows outlasts the average shoe life, lasting for up to five years and adjusting up to five sizes. The sturdy rubber sole is met with a leather upper and a series of three snaps. When positioned in its smallest size, the rubber sole arches over the toe and extends over the heel. To make the shoe larger, the leather pieces can be unsnapped, and the rubber sole folds down to accommodate a larger step! An adjustable shoe not only means comfort, but also protection against soil-transmitted illnesses and parasites commonly picked up in communities without shoes.

Lee came up with The Shoe That Grows when working in Nairobi, Kenya when he saw a little girl wearing a pair of donated shoes that were several sizes too small for her. By creating a shoe that grows with a child, Lee has ensured that each kid would never go barefoot.

Donors can purchase The Shoe That Grows in two sizes; small from Kindergarten to 4th grade, and large for 5th grade and up, and donate them to their own group or have them sent to kids in need.

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