skyhouse, lower manhattan, rock climb, climbing wall, slide, penthouse

Why use the stairs when climbing holds and harnesses can get you around the house? A rock wall on the columns located in the living room reaches up into the underside of a third level terrace where it tapers at the end. A midpoint along the 50-foot wall features a balcony that allows for rest and a moment to enjoy the view of the skyline.

A mirror-brushed, stainless steel tubular slide that emerges from a hole cut in the glass of the attic lets residents navigate the four floors of the abode. It features openings at sections to allow riders to make stops at different levels. Visitors are encouraged to bring along a yellow cashmere blanket to speed their trip to the bottom.

The SkyHouse features ample natural light perfect for illuminating journeys up and down the columns. Vaulted ceilings and walls carve out the North Bedroom and Center Bedroom. The clean lines of the spaces and windows perfectly frame the spires of skyscrapers outside. White paint, glass, and metal work together to create a clean and modern aesthetic and allows accents of bright colors to explode like pieces of pop art. Both refined and fun, Hotson’s design combines very adult ideas of cutting edge architecture with the childlike energy of a playground.

+ David Hotson Architect

via Handmade Charlotte