My family has a dog. A big dog. A big dog that likes to play. We also have a boy. And yes, like all boys, ours likes to play. But as most dog-owning families will tell you, roughhousing and dog play don’t mix well. We’re constantly seeking new, safe ways for Boy and Dog to interact. Fetch is one activity that works well for both. Boy throws, Dog fetches and Dad doesn’t have to stand on the sidelines playing referee. The guys over at DOOG have come up with a cute, clever way to get kids involved in fetch. “The Sticks are a loveable family of totally terrified fetch toys. They’re not only extremely dog friendly, but eco-friendly too. Made from recycled rubber, these fetch sticks wear an expression of wide-eyed, head-holding terror.” They glow in the dark, float in water, come with a slobber-resistant rope, and handy grip.

The only way that these dog toys could get any better, would be if they threw themselves.

+ The Sticks Fetch Toys $16.95