We’ve been fans of Kamibashi for a long time, especially their adorable String Doll Gang. Now there’s even more to adore when it comes to Kamibashi, as the company has recently been accepted as an official member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF). Although Kamibashi has been practicing Fair Trade principles from their launch, this official membership shows off just how hard the company has worked to support the talents of artisans in developing countries and fair wages. To celebrate this achievement you may want to consider bringing Myrtle the Turtle, the newest member of the String Doll Gang home. Myrtle is the first of several sea life string dolls Kamibashi has planned, but we’re glad this adorable turtle showed up first. Myrtle’s goal is to remind you that “slow and steady win the race,” a lovely thought in this fast-paced world. Like all String Dolls, Myrtle is made by hand and comes with a fabric tag that has the doll’s name on the front and a special power on the back.

+ Myrtle the Turtle $10.00

+ Kamibashi