Boomini White is a beautiful multistory dollhouse with a scale 1:6 and is available with or without furniture, making it perfect for play or as an original piece of furniture in your home (think clever bookcase). The Boomini White dollhouse and accessories were designed by professional architects and designers who know how to entice kids and appeal to adult design buffs at the same time. The set includes the four-story dollhouse and staircase (2 elements) — and the rear wall of the kitchen is a working blackboard where you can leave messages for your dolls or actual family members. This versatile dollhouse can be rearranged to suit your individual tastes, and all the furniture, minus two hanging shelves in the living room, can be moved.

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The house itself is made of high quality plywood and certified water paints (safe for children) while cushions within the little house are filled with anti-allergy insert. The filling of the mattress is professional upholstery foam and natural fabrics were used for the furniture including wool felt and 100% cotton, both of which can be recycled. The interior of Boomini White is decorated with bold black and white wallpaper, providing a perfect backdrop for the brightly colored furniture and accessories.

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Boomini White with included furniture comes packed with the following goodies: bed with a mattress, 6 cushions, duvet, bedspread, 2 bedside tables and 2 bedside lamps, coffee table, 2 adorable hassocks, TV mini-shelf, painting mini-shelf, painting, bookshelf, stylish green carpet, kitchen cupboard with an attached oven, fridge, kitchen island with movable drawers and cupboards, 2 kitchen chairs, shoe cabinet equipped with a quilted-seat, open wardrobe with 5 coat hangers, standing mirror, shower and a shower curtain, toilet bowl, standing washbowl, and 2 towels. Learn more at Boomini.

+ Boomini White dollhouse with furniture € 1,190.00

+ Boomini White dollhouse with wallpapers € 453.00

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